Business Marketing Brunch 9/6/20: Tips To Maximize Returns in Q4 2020

In this new series, we’ll be discussing business marketing topics with other entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to provide valuable tips that businesses can put in action immediately 🎯

This brunch will be hosted by Joseph Cameron, CEO of @jlcsocialmarketing on 9/6 @ 1pm EST via Zoom. We’ll be joined by Alex Eick (@iamalexeick), CEO @ Qualifyd Digital Marketing.

Alex is the CEO and founder of Qualifyd Digital. After building and exiting his first company, Alex now uses his branding and marketing expertise to help others build a community of brand advocates. Alex believes brands are defined less by what they do and more by what they stand for. He is passionate about using the power of branding to guide both customers and marketers alike. When he’s not working, you can find him eating hot dogs, sitting in the ice chest, watching motocross and spending time with his family. 

We’ll be discussing Tips To Maximize Returns in Q4 💵 We were discussing industry changes in a private conversation and decided that this information was too valuable to keep to ourselves!

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