7 Tips For Creating Amazing Videos For Your Business

How do you plan a business video? What do you need to do in advance to create an impactful video that drives engagement and conversions? What pitfalls should you avoid when creating your videos?

Key Points:

Step 1 – Set a goal
Step 2 – List the key discussion points
Step 3 – Research as needed
Step 4 – Gather resources
Step 5 – Plan your scenes
Step 6 – Record with confidence
Step 7 – Edit as needed

I’m Joseph Cameron and I’ve been a professional marketer for 13+ years. I’ve helped multiple businesses surpass $1 million in revenue yearly.

Without further ado, let’s discuss ways to boost your traffic, engagement, and revenue.

I had a conversation with a client the other day about how to plan business videos. I realized that this information could be beneficial to so many more people. I’m going to share those tips with you now.

Step 1 – Set A Goal

When creating a video for your business the first thing you should do is set a goal. The video you’re creating is a sales tool, so lead the viewer to your desired outcome. Do you want them to visit a website, contact you, or set an appointment? Make sure your video leads them to do that and provides details about why they should.

Step 2 – List The Key Discussion Points

Now that you have a goal in mind, you should write down the key points you want to discuss in your video. Planning out what you want to say will help the words roll off of your tongue while you’re talking. People who do not plan out their key discussion points usually end up with a few issues. Sounding robotic, saying “ummm” often, and miss key points are typical without planning.

Step 3 – Research As Needed

Sometimes you may need to provide information beyond your realm of knowledge. That’s ok, none of us know everything! Doing the research for the viewer will not only make you look knowledgeable but also helpful. Most viewers don’t want to do the research themselves, that’s why they’re watching your video!

Step 4 – Gather Resources

Are you planning on showing any visuals with your video? Make sure you gather them in advance. You want the actual time you take to film your video to be as short as possible. If you have to stop recording you’ll add significant time to your recording session. Gather your photos, videos, or props in advance to avoid this issue.

Step 5 – Plan Your Scenes

Now that you’ve prepared you can proceed to plan your scenes. Scenes should only consist of one key discussion point. Create the dialogue, visuals, and research that go along with it to complete the scene. Separating out each key point into its own scene makes sure you stay focused on one small part of the video at a time.

Step 6 – Record With Confidence

Now it’s time to film! You should be able to proceed with confidence because you preplanned. Select the scene you want to film and review the notes you created before filming. When you’re ready, hit record. Filming in small chunks like this will help you say everything you need to say without any major errors. This will help you cut down on reshoots and boost your confidence even more!

Step 7 – Edit As Needed

Even the best planning can’t stop some errors from happening. The great news is that they should be much easier to edit out since you planned your scenes. Remember, if you mess up while recording, stop speaking for a few seconds. Then you should restart your sentence. Doing so will make editing much easier. There will be a clear part that needs to be edited out and a clean restart point.

That’s it! If you follow this simple formula you should be able to create videos like a pro in no time. We’re all a little nervous at first but practice makes perfect.

What do you think? Did you have an “ah-hah” moment during any of these steps? Do you have any additional questions or tips? Post them in the comments section.

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Remember, marketing isn’t rocket science. Having the correct systems in place will skyrocket your engagement and revenue.

See you next time!

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