Do you want more followers on Facebook? If you answered no, you probably don͛t have a Facebook page for your business.

The fact of the matter is that Facebook is the largest and most profitable social network when it comes to online marketing.

You have to attract as wide an audience as possible to your Facebook presence to truly reap the rewards of your investment and efforts. This is why it is crucial to increase the number of people following your brand on Facebook.

Luckily for you, Facebook makes this process easier. The social network offers a hidden feature that you can use to increase your follower count. Basically, when a person “Likes” any post on your Facebook page, you can send them an invite to Like your page. So, how do you go about this? This is what will be revealed below, so read through the instructions and increase your Facebook followers today.

When someone “likes” your Facebook posts you can invite them to like your page:

  1. Go to your page post, click on the list of reactions to your post so you can view who reacted (liked) your post
  2. Now you’ll see a list of people who have liked your post and the ones you haven’t liked your page will have an “Invite” button next to their name.
  3. Click all of the “Invite” buttons

Tip: Consistently posting content will naturally increase your likes and your chances to invite people to like your page.

I’ve been able to grow pages by hundreds of followers a month using this method. As long as you’re posting content that is in line with your brand then the people invited will be much more likely to follow.

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