While it may not be the final frontier as far as online marketing is concerned, Instagram is the #1 mobile social platform.

An ever-increasing number of brands are harnessing the reach and power of this platform and leveraging it for generating leads and bolstering their sales. However, you cannot simply set up an account on Instagram, share random pics, and expect to attract potential clients. You have to be savvy and creative in order to make the most of Instagram.

It is expected that over 70% of brands will set up profiles on Instagram by the end of this year.

Given that every second user on Instagram follows a brand, there are close to 300 million prospective customers for you to target. Here, we will share will you 6 completely insane but highly effective tips for marketing on Instagram.

  1. Follower counts mean nothing, engagement is everything. Don’t get distracted by vanity metrics like Follower Count! Having a small but engaged audience is better than having a larger, unengaged one.
  2. There is such a thing as too many hashtags. When you stuff a post with too many hashtags they turn into spam. It looks like you’re struggling for attention. A few targeted hashtags will go a long way!
  3. Posting time matters. Check when your users are active through the stats button on your profile. Make sure you are posting when you have the greatest opportunity for your posts to be seen. Lunchtime and early evening when people just get home from work are usually times of high activity
  4. Being interested in others will cause them to be interested in you. Want people to pay attention to you? Then pay attention to them! Engage with the people you follow and the followers who engage with you.
  5. Your business needs to post Instagram stories! Video is everything now and your business needs to be in on the action. Give your fans a ‘behind the scenes’ look and offer coupon codes/lightning deals that they can only find out about by watching your stories!

A small Instagram ad budget every week will skyrocket your results. Just as with Facebook, it’s becoming hard to reach your fans through the noise on Instagram. A small ad budget will help you greatly increase your reach, build engagement, and gain new followers. Click here to learn how to generate conversions using Boosted Posts

Do you have any social media scheduling tips or questions? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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