People love winning. People love free stuff. Combine the two and you discover that people love winning free stuff.

You can harness this innate desire of your target audience to market your business through contests and sweepstakes on social media.

People tend to veer towards brands that offer stuff for free, even if it means entering a contest. However, the catch is that you have to offer something the winner will covet. You cannot just offer a generic, run of the mill prize in this modern age. Customers are savvier than ever and they will realize if you are just trying to lure them into the sales funnel.

Thankfully, there are some basic tips you can keep in mind to decide on the perfect prize. It should offer value and be relevant to your service. Otherwise, you might end up driving people away rather than attracting them. Plus, the prize should be something a person wants to win. If you are looking for people to submit entries, you have to appreciate that it requires some effort. Reward them accordingly and they will be happy to enter the contest. And we suggest that you not only share the name and entry of the winner but also give a shout out to the people who participated!

  1. Something valuable to the client such as a discount or a free product/service.
  2. Only pick prizes related to your service otherwise your clients may not be interested enough to enter.
  3. Choose a prize that will make them look good to their friends and family. Everyone likes showing off!

Tip: If photo entry is part of your contest/sweepstakes then don’t just show off the winner, show off all of the good entries and shout out the people who submitted them.

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